Blockchain Technology: A Smart System Framework Towards Providing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Patients in Nigeria, the Required Confidentiality


  • VA Olutayo Department of computer science School of Natural Science Joseph Ayodele Babalola University
  • AS Obamehinti Department of Computer Science School of Science Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology


Patient confidentiality, Blockchain, Smart contract, Interaction, Block, Patients, Doctor


Stigmatization in Nigeria has been for a long time. Over the years, patients living with HIV are often stigmatized and tend not to attend to their health condition due to the fear of further stigmatization. Every citizen living with ailment deserves to be treated as humans and do not have to go through the horrible face of being judged and secluded unnecessarily. Patient confidentiality is an integral part of the medical code of conduct and should be emphasized more due to the prevailing challenges caused by the existing medical system, hence the need for Blockchain technology. This research proposes a Blockchain technology, that will provide, anonymity, confidentiality of information’s, high level security of HIV patient records and would prevent any form of tamperproof by health personnel.